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How Long Can I Wear Extensions?

Question: I know I can’t wear my weave forever, but I’m traveling and will be gone for three months. I won’t be able to get my hair redone the whole time I’m gone. Can I keep my weave in for the entire three months? Or is that too damaging?

Answer: The short answer is no, please don’t keep the weave for three months, and yes, that can be damaging. The timeline for weave and braid extensions is four to six weeks, although some women try to stretch it to eight weeks. ¬†Three months is about 12 weeks, which is stretching that timeline past the point of good hair health.

Even if you only sport extensions for four weeks, you still have to cleanse and condition your tresses during this time. The longer you keep your hair confined under a weave¬†or braid extensions, the higher the chance you’ll have matting at the roots when you remove them.

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